Junior Competition

Open to all children and youth ages 3 to 17 years old
Committee Chairperson is Tara Knox

General Rules:        
No entry fee to exhibit in the Junior Competition

• Important: Exhibitors must complete the entry form and submit the completed entry form to the secretary when exhibits are placed in the Palace for judging
• All junior competitors must obtain a membership number from the secretary (it is free, but must be used on each entry tag) ALSO INCLUDE YOUR AGE!
• All entries must be brought to the Palace either Friday in the evening between 1:00-8:30 pm or between 9 am and 11:30 am Saturday for judging in the afternoon.
• Do not include your name on any part of the exhibit other than on the covered up portion of the entry tag.
• All entries must be the original work of the exhibitor. (unless otherwise stated) Only one entry per person per section. (Exception: In the Family Project classes, the family member may assist more than one exhibitor to create separate entries)
• Younger children may enter older age categories, unless indicated otherwise but older children may not enter younger age categories.
• An entry tag must be attached to each exhibit. Entry tags should be obtained prior to Saturday from the Secretary call/text 519-901-0738 or at Paisley freshmart.
• Judging will be done by the Junior Competition Judge unless otherwise specified.
• All entries must remain on display until 4:30 pm Sunday and then be promptly removed.
• Competitors who are in secondary school may compete in Open/Adult Classes, but will need an Adult Membership ($10) to do so and all other rules & regulations of those respective divisions shall apply.

Click to See the Junior Prize Book and Entry Form 

Youth Exhibitions

Fair Day Contests

Decorated Bicycle Competition

Organized by Lori & Wayne Bryce: 519-353-5460
All bikes and rides gather at the Kids Ring unless otherwise advised, at 12 noon on Sunday of Fair Day

Best Decorated Bicycle and Rider

Categories: Boys ages 3-6; 7-10, 11-13 years and Girls ages  3-6; 7-10; 11-13 years

Best Decorated Tricycle and Rider

Categories: Boys ages 3-6 and Girls ages 3-6

Best Decorated Bicycle & Rider, ages 14 to adult

Prizes:  1st $8.00, 2nd $6.00, 3rd $4.00, all other worthy competitors $2.00

Special Prize

An additional prize to go along with above prizes, given to those riders who decorate their bicycle in the fair theme “Kilts & Quilts”.


School Work

Explanation of Participation

Since the Fall Fair began back in 1856, the Agricultural Society has welcomed schools and pupils to enter their school work into competition to be displayed at the Fall Fair. In the beginning, there were many rural schools who found it exciting to compete between schools. More recently students at Paisley Central School have entered into competitions at the school.  Each winter, a list of competitions is given to the teachers and they have their pupils prepare their best work for the competition.  At the end of June, all the work is judged in the school gymnasium and stored for the summer.

At the Fall Fair, all of the school work is put up for display and students are able to see their work and the results of the judging.  Kim Grant is the coordinator and works with the school to get the work done. Monetary prizes are awarded and the money is ready to pick up on Fair Day at the Secretary’s trailer. Money not picked up is delivered to the school the following week for distribution.

Paisley Fall Fair
Ambassador Competition

Laura Fullerton  ~ 519-389-7227

Faith Fullerton