We Need Volunteers!

Getting involved in your community keeps the community vibrant, healthy and growing. How are you contributing?

The Paisley Ag Society is a long-time community organization established in 1856.  The mandate is to organize and manage an agricultural fair that showcases and celebrates the rural life-style and values of Paisley and the surrounding community in a way that sponsors respectful competition and provides entertainment, education and fun for all.  Although many agricultural societies in the province organize various events throughout the year, our main focus is hosting an outstanding fall fair the second Sunday in September.  The organization comprises of 25 committees responsible and accountable for organizing their important part of the event.  We are always looking for more volunteers to join a committee, which can then lead to becoming a director and eventually leadership roles on the executive, if desired.   Committees include: horses; beef cattle; dairy cattle; kids fair events; field crop competition; gates & admission; fairground set-up; food committee; agricultural education tent; horticulture; junior competition; home preserves; sewing & crafts; Women’s Institute; flowers; baking; donations & sponsorship; ambassador of the fair; silent auction & fundraising; marketing; outdoor art.  If there is something that interests you, you feel you could offer some skills, experience, or new ideas, and would like to meet new people, we would love to meet you, and welcome you to our team!   Call any of the following:  Gail 519-389-7222, John 519-368-5998, Berni 519-353-5664   Check out our website for more information at www.paisleyfair.ca