Our People

The Paisley Agricultural Society is very pleased to have the dedication and co-operation of many volunteers and sponsors to make this fair possible.

Executive & Directors

Executive for 2022

Past President

Ron Teeple 519-353-5516
Gail Fullerton  519-389-7222

1st Vice President
John Thornburn  519-353-7188

2nd Vice President
Ellen Stark-Skippen  905-342-9486

Homecraft Co-ordinator
Carolyn Hodgins ~ 519-353-4252

Bernice MacKinnon 353-5664, Cell 519-901-0738, Email: paisleyfair@yahoo.ca


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Past Secretary-Treasurers

1934  Jim McBride
1935-1939 W.T. Hopper
1940 Stuart Mutart

1941-1945 Hazel Elwes
1946-1955 W.T. Hopper
1955-1960 Etta Grant (MacGregor)

1960-2000 Mrs. Gladys Teeple (40 years!)
2000-2002 Dawn OudeVoshaar
2002-2015 Gail Fullerton

Agricultural Service Award Recipients

The Paisley Agricultural Society acknowledges the following members for outstanding dedication and volunteer service to Agriculture and Rural Life in this community.

1956 W.T. Hooper
1961 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Darroch
Miss Nettie Scott
1963 Mrs. Ella Stewart
1964 Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred Grant
1965 Mr. & Mrs. Chester Teeple
1967 Mr. & Mrs. Harold Nelson
1969 Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Howe
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Cumming
1970 Mr. Walter Coates
1971 Mr. & Mrs. George Gregg
1972 Mr. J.B. MacKechnie
1973 Mr. & Mrs. Revis MacKay

1974 Mr. Teddy Ellis
1976 Mr. George Grant
1977 Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred Inglis
1978 Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd McTeer
1979 Mr. & Mrs. Wilmer McFadden
1980 Mr. & Mrs. Glen Majury
1981 Mr. & Mrs. Ross Ziegler
1982 Mr. & Mrs. Wilson Gregg
1983 Mr. & Mrs. Jim Cumming
1984 Mr. & Mrs. Jim Teeple
1985 Mr. & Mrs. Carman Fullerton
1986 Mr. & Mrs. Keith Weeden
1988 Mr. & Mrs. Norman Beech

1989 Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Brown
1991 Mr. & Mrs. Tom Bryce
1992 Mrs. Dorothy Bryce
1993 Mr. Bill MacKay
1994 Mr. Bob Atkinson
1996 Mr. Allen Gregg
Mr. & Mrs. Jack MacGillivray
1997 Mr. & Mrs. Willard Metcalf
1999 Mr. & Mrs. Tom Ribey
2002 Mr. & Mrs. Barry McTeer
2003 Mr. & Mrs. Wayne MacIntosh
2005 Mr. & Mrs. Gary McTeer
2012 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fullerton
2018 Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Dudgeon
2019 Mr. & Mrs. John Thornburn

Get Involved

If you would like to become involved as a volunteer, please talk to any of the Directors to discuss your particular interests, or use our contact form.

If you would like to become a sponsor or donor, please talk to any of the committee chair people or Directors, or use our contact form.

Paisley Agricultural Society Mission, Mandate and Core Values




To organize and manage an agricultural fair that showcases and celebrates the rural life-style and values of Paisley and the surrounding community in a way that sponsors respectful competition and provides entertainment, education and fun for all.

Core Values:


We believe in:

• The importance of sharing responsibilities and helping each other
• The need to reflect community interests and values through the displays, the activities, competitions and entertainment
• The need to showcase and acknowledge the quality and diversity of our rural / urban heritage
• The importance of thorough planning and fiscal responsibility through careful budgeting, the setting of fees, and the solicitation of sponsorships and in-kind donations
• Planning in accordance with our constitution, appropriate policies and procedures and with health & safety as the first priority
• Environmental friendliness

Friends, Family and Community

We believe in:

• An event that is accessible, engaging and community driven
• Celebrating with family and friends in a way that engenders pride in who we are and how we live
• The importance of attracting a crowd that is inter-generational and yet equally satisfied with the experience as a whole


We believe in:

• Creating a competitive atmosphere that is friendly, respectful, fun and fair
• The need to arrange for knowledgeable, accredited and reputable judges that demonstrate fairness and integrity in all categories, and in all cases
• Fostering pride and a genuine sense of accomplishment in all competitors


We believe in:

• The effectiveness of learning by doing
• The fun of finding out about our past, and our present
• Learning from the expertise in our community
• The importance of reflecting and teaching community values & traditions


We believe in:

• Providing variety that contributes to lots of fun and laughter
• The importance of quality wholesome family entertainment that is inclusive, spirited and lots of fun
• Arranging for quality amenities that make for an enjoyable experience at the fair
• Entertainment activities that are as engaging as possible and provide lots to do